Price list for private customers

Applications to offices (UDI, Skatteetaten, NAV)1100 NOK
Application or changing the tax deduction cart (skattekort)300 NOK
Changing of adress in Norway350 NOK
Registrering moving to Norway500 NOK
Sending meldekort to NAV200 NOK
Sickess benefit application200 NOK
Applying for dagpengerfrom 990 NOK
Applying for payment of financial debts to NAV or Skatteetaten by installments500 NOK
Contacting Norwegian officesfrom 250 NOK
Permanent residence application (varig opphold)1100 NOK
Ordering European Health Insurance Card250 NOK
Appeal against decision to NAV or Skatteetatenfrom 600 NOK
Ordering code letter to Altinn / MiniID150 NOK
Tax settlement or making adjustment in tax settlement (Skattemelding)from 1100 NOK
Applying for BIC certificate for credit in Norway350 NOK
Filing a case to courtfrom 1500 NOK
Creating CV and cover letter in Norwegian and English500 NOK for one document, 800 NOK for both
Solving issues with an employerfrom 600 NOK/h
Mobile phone consultationfrom 200 NOK / 15 min
Other servicesfrom 600 NOK / 60 min

Price list for business

Choosing form of the companyFirst consultation FREE
Registration of ENK company700 NOK
Registration of AS company3000 NOK
MVA registration800 NOK
Submitting MVA declarationfrom 500 NOK
Registering employees and payrolls in Skatteetatenfrom 250 NOK
Annual tax settlement for ENK company1800 NOK
Closing ENK foretak500 NOK
Babkrupcy petitionfrom 3000 NOK
Ordering of HMS card600 NOK
Registrering the business and applying for D-number for people coming to Norway who want to run a business here1000 NOK
Submitting Aksjeoppgaver1000 NOK
Applications to Arbeidstilsynet1100 NOK
Tax, administration and marketing consultationsfrom 450 NOK
Help with building a websiteto be agreed
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