About Us

Who Are WE?

We are a consulting company providing advisory and accounting services. We support both individuals and small companies in running their own businesses. We provide assistance to Poles and other foreigners in Norway. We take care of our clients' interests by, among other things, sending applications to authorities, preparing translations, assistance in filing various appeals and complaints, resolving conflicts with employers, organisational support and tax settlements. We are characterised by professionalism and full commitment to each of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is first and foremost to help fellow countrymen overcome the challenges faced by anyone wishing to live and work in Norway. Not everyone who arrives in the Kingdom of Norway is aware of their rights and obligations as an immigrant, resident and employee, so we offer our knowledge of law and procedures. In the simplest terms, Master Solutions is in the business of assisting all foreigners who wish to live peacefully in Norway.


I am very satisfied with the service. Nice atmosphere and a great team.

Justyna Błaszkiewicz

Very professional approach to the problem. Each case is treated seriously and with commitment. Ladies working there are very nice, they know their job, advise on the best solutions and, most importantly, do not push for additional costs.🙂I recommend 100 percent!!!
Beata Diakowska

Our team

Anna Buroń-Wycichowska

Katarzyna Wilkosz

Izabela Buroń

Agnieszka Kosowska