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We invite you to take a look at our offer, below you will find a list of services for both individuals and companies.


Contact us if you need help with:

  • registration with UDI,
  • submitting an application for a tax card or a change to your tax card (skattekort) to the Tax Office (Skatteetaten),
  • applying for a move from your home country to Norway,
  • applying for a change of address in Norway,
  • applying for family allowance (barnetrygd, kontantstøtte, paternity, etc.),
  • applying for unemployment benefit (dagpenger, permittering),
  • obtaining sickness benefit when on sick leave from Poland,
  • translation PL - NO, NO - PL, PL - ENG, ENG - PL,
  • ordering the European health insurance card (europeiskhelsetrygdkort) ,
  • applying for reimbursement of medical expenses in your country (S1 form),
  • submission of an AAP form,
  • filling in your NAV registration card (meldekort),
  • sending application for sykepenger ceretificate,
  • creating a Norwegian CV and cover letter,
  • contacting with Polish and Norwegian authorities,
  • tax clearance and adjustment,
  • resolving problems with an employer, such as preparing an application for filing bankruptcy of the company, preparing letters for payment of outstanding salaries and receivables,
  • writing an appeal against the decision to the authority,
  • applying for an installment of your debt to NAV or Skatte,
  • ordering access codes for Altinn / MiniID,
  • obtaining a certificate for a BIK loan in Norway,
  • applying for permanent residence in Norway (varigopphold, for persons with a residence permit of at least 5 years in Norway),
  • referral to court,
  • submission of an A1 form (exemption from ZUS contributions)
  • Any other matters not listed above - we will do everything we can to make your life in Norway easier.


    For business clients we offer assistance in:

    • choosing a form of business and registering your company in Norway,
    • registration and filing of VAT returns (mva),
    • tax, administrative and marketing consultancy,
    • business closure,
    • submitting applications to Arbeidstilsynet,
    • ordering HMS cards,
    • registering your business and applying for a D-number for people coming to Norway and wanting to do business here,
    • registration of employees and wages to the skatteetatten,
    • filing of annual shareholder forms.